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Join us as we work our way through the Bible, one book at a time. You'll enjoy the inspiration of a devotional and the insights of a commentary all in one place and all designed to make the Scriptures approachable and applicable to everyday life. Enjoy!
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Devotionary is a new podcast that is designed to make the Bible accessible and applicable to everyday life. It combines the inspiration of a daily devotional and the insights of a commentary, but in language that is easy-to-understand. We will be working our way through the entire Bible offering a chapter-by-chapter overview of each book. The goal is to give you a solid understanding of the Bible’s overarching and unified message of redemption. We hope you enjoy.

Jan 31, 2017

In Hebrews chapter four, verses 1-10, the author discusses Jesus’ appointment by God as a high priest after the order of Melchizedek. This reference to a somewhat obscure character from the book of Genesis has far-reaching significance. Jesus was not from the priestly line of Aaron, yet He was designated a high priest by God Himself. And because He was sinless, He was able to offer the perfect sacrifice – Himself – becoming the source of eternal salvation.      

Jan 30, 2017

Today’s episode covers Hebrews chapter four, verses 14-16 and is called “Help In Time Of Need.” The author will present Jesus as our great high priest, a righteous representative who understands us because He was one of us. He was fully God, but fully human, and knew what it meant to be tempted. Yet, without sinning. And now, He makes it possible for us to find mercy and grace, straight from the throne room of God, when we encounter times of need.     


Jan 29, 2017

Today’s episode is called “No Rest For the Weary.” There is a sense in which the original readers of this letter were struggling with finding rest in the finished work of Christ and were being tempted to turn back to the rules and rituals of Judaism. They were being influenced to believe that faith in Christ alone was not going to be enough. There was more they needed to do. But they were being deceived and that deception was resulting in disbelief in the promises of God.     

Jan 28, 2017

Today, in Hebrews chapter three, verses 7-19, we’ll be taking a look at the ever-present danger of disbelief.  The author of Hebrews is not addressing a lack of belief in Jesus as Savior, but a temptation on the part of Christians to doubt God and turn from trusting in Him. Belief is not just necessary for salvation, but is an instrumental and non-negotiable part of our life journey. According to the author of Hebrews, even a believer can suffer from an unbelieving heart.    

Jan 27, 2017

The title for this episode is, “Consider Jesus” because the author of Hebrews is challenging us to do just that, to take a long, hard look at Jesus as the founder and perfecter of our faith. Moses may have delivered the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt, but Jesus provided deliverance from sin and death. The sacrificial system could provide temporary remission of sin, but only Jesus could provide a permanent solution to the presence and power of sin. And that is truly something worthy of our consideration.   

Jan 26, 2017

Solidarity, suffering and salvation. According to the author of Hebrews, we have these three things in common with Christ. We are one with Him because of His death on the cross, and as a result, we share in His sufferings. But we also share in His salvation, having been freed from slavery to sin because of His payment of our debt with His own life.  

Jan 25, 2017

Today's episode deals not only with Jesus’ subjection and suffering on the cross for our sake, but also His future return when everything and everyone will be in subjection to Him. Jesus took on human flesh and subjected himself to a sinner’s death on the cross. But His death was so that we might have life – eternal life – and His resurrection assures us that one day He is coming back to finish what He started and establish His kingdom on earth. 

Jan 24, 2017

This episode deals with the very real danger every follower of Christ faces – that of drifting away from the truth and hope of the gospel. Each and every day we find ourselves facing circumstances that tempt us to doubt the veracity of God’s Word and lose hope in the promises found in His Word. The danger we face is not the loss of our salvation, but the ability to enjoy the more abundant life that Jesus promised us.

Jan 23, 2017

The author of Hebrews continues his comparison between Jesus, the Son of God, and angels, the messengers and servants of God. Jesus is uncreated. He is a member of the Trinity, the Gohead. His humanity, as evidences by His incarnation, in no way diminished His deity. He remains the Son of God and sits at the right hand of God the Father, where He intercedes on our behalf until the God-appointed day of His second coming.

Jan 22, 2017

In these three short verses, the author of Hebrews provides us with seven facts concerning Jesus and endeavors to show just how incomparable He truly is. Jesus is not only sufficient, He’s superior in every way. There’s nothing that compares with Him. There is no one who can equal Him in holiness, honor, importance, and power. He is the incomparable, inimitable God.

Jan 21, 2017

In the opening verses of chapter one, the author is going to introduce us to a very special character, who he will leave unnamed until verse nine. But I think you’ll recognize Him without any problem

Jan 20, 2017

The entire story of Esther takes place in a distant land ruled over by a pagan king. The people of Israel find themselves living in a foreign country, far from the homeland, but not far from their God. While they had seemingly forgotten Him, He would prove Himself faithful and loving, gracious and kind.

Jan 19, 2017

After their miraculous deliverance from the threat of possible extinction, the Jews were in a celebratory mood. They instituted a yearly festival to commemorate their victory over their enemies, complete with gift giving and eating. But much like our annual celebration of Christmas, there was something missing in all the joy and festivities: Any mention of God.

Jan 18, 2017

Whether reading the story about a young Jewish girl who lived many centuries ago or simply looking at the daily affairs of our own life, it is sometimes easy for us to miss God in all that is going on. We can even assume He is not there. But God never goes anywhere. He never leaves or abandons His people. And while things in Susa appeared to indicate just the opposite, Esther, Mordecai and the rest of the Jews discovered that their God wasn’t missing at all

Jan 17, 2017

An amazing and God-ordained reversal of fortunes is about to take place for the Jews. Standing at the brink of annihilation, they will suddenly find themselves the unlikely victors over their more powerful enemies. Through a series of seemingly fortuitous events, they’ll be the undeserving recipients of God’s mercy and grace.

Jan 16, 2017

Today's episode covers the issuing of a second edict in the king’s name and sealed with his royal signet ring. Since the first edict commanding the annihilation of the Jews could not be rescinded, a second edict was issued giving the Jews permission to defend themselves. The battle lines were being drawn and the enemies of God’s people were going to find themselves on the wrong side.

Jan 15, 2017

This episode covers the days immediately following Haman’s death as Esther continues to deal with the looming impact of the king’s edict calling for the destruction of all the Jews in the kingdom of Persia. Only eight months remained until that fateful day. But that would be plenty of time for God to implement a plan that result in their redemption instead of their annihilation.

Jan 14, 2017

Haman is gone. But the edict he helped write still looms large in the picture. The Jews still face annihilation. But God is not done. He is still at work, orchestrating His plan for their redemption. And as the final chapters unfold, we will see that His ways, while not always discernible or enjoyable, are always reliable.

Jan 13, 2017

In this episode we’ll see the ignominious end of the once-powerful, prideful Haman. Unwittingly, he had pitted himself against the all-powerful God of Israel and lost. He had seen Mordecai as his enemy and had chosen to get back at him by attacking the people of God. But God’s people had something Haman would never have: God’s protection.

Jan 12, 2017

Haman is about to discover just what God meant when He said, “Vengeance is mine.” Haman’s bad day was about to get a lot worse. His arrogant pride was going to be obliterated by God and his pompous plans for the destruction of the Jews was going to be turned against him. He would prove no match for the all-knowing, all-powerful God.

Jan 11, 2017

The enemies of God’s people are many and their power is formidable, but the key to our survival is not to be found in our own strength, but in that of God. We must learn to lean on His everlasting arms and rely on His all-powerful strength.

Jan 10, 2017

In today's episode, we’re going to see God work some remarkable wonders that turn the tables on Haman’s murderous plans to hang Mordecai on a stake. Instead, he’ll find himself hanging a royal robe on Mordecai’s back and leading a parade in his honor through the streets of Susa. 

Jan 9, 2017

In today's episode, we’ll see Haman’s arrogance on full display, as his pride drives him down a path that will ultimately lead to his own destruction. Haman was powerful, but he was no match for the all-powerful God of the universe.

Jan 8, 2017

Esther has been given the unenviable task of approaching the king and begging that he spare the Jewish people by retracting the recent decree that had granted Haman’s wish to have them eliminated. But Esther is not alone. Whether we see Him or not, the God of Israel is by her side. He has given her a plan and the confidence to enact it. And whether she realizes it or not, Esther will be an instrument in His hands. Be sure to take a look at the passage when you get the chance.

Jan 7, 2017

Esther has just been informed by Mordecai about the king’s decree authorizing the mass extermination of all the Jews in his kingdom. This had been the brainchild of Haman. Now Esther finds herself in a tenuous position of having to use her access to the king to beg for mercy for her people.

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