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Devotionary is a new podcast that is designed to make the Bible accessible and applicable to everyday life. It combines the inspiration of a daily devotional and the insights of a commentary, but in language that is easy-to-understand. We will be working our way through the entire Bible offering a chapter-by-chapter overview of each book. The goal is to give you a solid understanding of the Bible’s overarching and unified message of redemption. We hope you enjoy.

Dec 26, 2019

God has always chosen to use men to accomplish His will. Over the centuries, He has placed certain men in positions of leadership over His people, even though those men were far from perfect and, at times, anything but holy. They were commissioned by God to act as His representatives on earth, providing His people with leadership, direction, care, and even discipline, when necessary. And in Deuteronomy 16:18-22, Moses provides the people of Israel with God’s directives concerning the establishment of leadership once they arrive in the land of promise. Yes, God was their sovereign and the one to whom they owed their unwavering allegiance. But God wanted them to appoint judges and officers who would render righteous judgment and prevent perverted justice. They would act as His agents, dispensing His divine will at the local level and in relevant, easy-to-relate-to ways.