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Devotionary is a new podcast that is designed to make the Bible accessible and applicable to everyday life. It combines the inspiration of a daily devotional and the insights of a commentary, but in language that is easy-to-understand. We will be working our way through the entire Bible offering a chapter-by-chapter overview of each book. The goal is to give you a solid understanding of the Bible’s overarching and unified message of redemption. We hope you enjoy.

Jul 22, 2020

Moses was a natural-born leader, but what made him so effective was his calling and anointing by God. He had spent nearly half a century leading some of the most difficult to lead people that had ever walked the planet. Now, just as they were getting ready to enter the land of promise, he was having to announce that he would not be going with them. This highly effective and seasoned leader had made what amounted to be a rookie mistake. He had lost his temper and allowed his anger to rob God of glory – a costly error in judgment that would keep him on the wrong side of the Jordan and outside the land of promise. But in Deuteronomy 31:1-8, rather than finding Moses throwing a pity party, we see him introducing the people to their newly appointed leader: Joshua. But the main point he wanted Joshua and the people to understand was that, when all was said and done, it was God who had been leading them all along. And it would be God who brought them safely into Canaan.