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Devotionary is a new podcast that is designed to make the Bible accessible and applicable to everyday life. It combines the inspiration of a daily devotional and the insights of a commentary, but in language that is easy-to-understand. We will be working our way through the entire Bible offering a chapter-by-chapter overview of each book. The goal is to give you a solid understanding of the Bible’s overarching and unified message of redemption. We hope you enjoy.

May 10, 2019

Man was made in the image of God, but something happened that changed all that. And it was sin. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and ate of the fruit of the one tree in the garden He had made off-limits. And their decision to eat the forbidden fruit proved to be a life-changing one. While Satan had promised that, by eating the fruit, their eyes would be opened, they actually experienced a blurring of their spiritual vision. Yes, they now had the capacity to know good and evil, but they couldn’t tell the difference. They went from living in the light of God’s glory to wandering around in the darkness of sin. Which is why God sent the final Adam, Jesus Christ, to bring the light of God’s glory back to earth and restore sinful men and women to their former status as God’s image bearers.